Satellite Art





The pieces may be printed in photographic paper, vinyl, canvas or synthetic fiber.
They are also projected in multimedia formats in wide screen.
Each piece has a limited edition, according to the series, of  5, 3 or 2 signed copies.




Divina Commedia Satellitare Palazzo Firenze-Roma


Art Stage Singapore


Divina Commedia Satellitare Museo Nacional Estancia Jesuítica de Altra Gracia y Casa del Virrey Liniers


PhotoXperience México 2013-Guanajuato -Disertación de Arte Satelital-

Museo Nacional de Arte e Historia de León México -Diálogos con un Paisaje
(Curaduría de Daniela Edburg)

Fotovefever Paris

Fotofever Brussels

Art Hamptons New York

Artemisa Gallery New York



The Mystic of Landscapes Roma 2012


Espacio Arte club : Convention: Invention 10th of June till the 10th of July - 2011 Renart, Espeche, Terán, Quaranta / Curator: Vivi Perez

25th of May celebration - Argentine Embassy at Rome: Carnavalito y Alien en mi gruta


Ocean Desert: SIGEN / 5-23 JUL

Dissertation on Satellite Art / SIGEN Auditorium, 20 JUL


Ocean Desert: Ulysse Art Gallery, Roma 10NOV/5DEC

Ocean Desert: First Exhibition of Argentinian Art in Bahrain
The National Museum of Bahrain 2-10 JUN

Ocean Desert : First Exhibition of Argentinian Art in Saudi Arabia
The National Museum Riyadh 17-21MAY

Ocean Desert: House of Artists in Jeddah 23-27MAY


Tears from the Thaw Centro Cultural Borges. August 2008.

Fundación por la Cultura. Municipalidad de Río Cuarto Ciclo de Conferencias: "El arte da que Hablar", 15 de mayo de 2008

Tears from the Thaw: Centro Cultural Español, Miami 2-29 May 2008

Teatro Avenida, "I Masnadieri" by Verdi, 9th,11th,16th & 18th of May
Régisseur: Eduardo Casullo

Tears from the Thaw, New York, 6-26 March 2008. Consulate General of Argentina-Art Gallery.

Quilmes Rock - Día 3 - Los Piojos



Satellite Eye in the Décimo Restaurant , Monday the 26th 2008 in the city of Mendoza for the Seminary on the Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas of Andean Countries- ONU; ESA; CONAE; Confederation Helvetique.

OCEAN IS DESERT: Some pieces of the series can be seen Nov-Mar 08
Art Space El Piccolino Theatre with the support of Art in Lobby.

Multimedia presentation in Argentine Rock Tour of Los Piojos.

"Satellite Divine Comedy" : " Work in progress" at the Residence of the Italian Embassy in Buenos Aires accompanying the launch of the first Italo-Argentine Satellite of the SIASGE plan-11th of June 2007.



Incorporation as an Artist Member of Tierra de Exploradores - December 2006
Sagrado Corazón: Piece selected for Corazones Vivos
"Portuguese Identity" Art Space El Piccolino Theatre
"Portuguese Identity" Espacio Palleros
"Sacro y Mental" Art Space El Piccolino Theatre



Satellite Eye accompanying the Workshop for the Use of Spatial Technology for Human Health in Benefit of Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. 19th to the 23rd of September 2005. Córdoba Ground Station. Argentine National Commission for Spatial Activities.

Pesaj : Manzana de las Luces: Room Arq. Mario Buschiazzo 31st of march through the 12th April .
Portugal, the Magic of Fado" and the poetry of Pessoa"
Conference in charge of Dr. Eduardo Tenconi Colonna in the Auditorium of the Association of Friends of the National Museum of Beaux Arts.4th of July; 5th October 2005.
Multimedia Show with original music of Florencia Sabatella at the Expo Aichi 2005. (Universal Convention on the Wisdom of Nature, Aïchi, Japan)



Satellite Eye: Centro Cultural Recoleta, Rooms I and II 28th October through 21st of November 2004.
Multimedia show for TANindigo 2004 – Los Inmortales
Multimedia Show Bahrein Night Club, 22nd of December 2004.