When I was fifteen years old, walking through the Sahara desert, our guide Mohammed said to me: “tu sais Santiago, tout ça, c’était l’océan avant” (you know this was all ocean once). A few days later I found, near a millenary cemetery, the fossil of a marine algae. OCEAN DESERT is simply a reflection of that moment when a touareg taught me a lifelong lesson: “we are continuous flow”.

Heraclitus of Ephesus sustained that, that continuous flow is a certain tension between opposites which sets off that movement. Both desert and ocean share the vast horizon, cradle of legends, poets, journeys and fantasies but also cradle of uncertainty , fountain of all liberty.

The desert is the eternal home to nomads with whom I have shared a lifestyle as a son of diplomats and that I share today as a traveling artist. The satellite itself is also a nomad. I thus search to recreate through my art, the alchemy of nature, observed through a scientific medium that circles, in a continuous flow, across the horizons of our planet.

I digitally rendered satellite images generously offered to me by CONAE (Argentine Space Agency) of the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sahara and of Argentina. Just like the desert I was once part of that ocean, part of the cosmos and am part of the future Atlantis.

               Santiago Espeche (Expiscis)