With the advances of technology, the development of informatic imaginery has gained a place in the Arts. The technological means allow us to explore new visual fields and offer the artist the possibility of re dimentioning the sense of the images.

Satelite Eye is Santiago Espeche's first exhibit. With satelite images provided by CONAE, Espeche acheaves to create, through digital procedures, a virtual parcour through a fantastic Argentina.

According to Paul Virilio, we have arrived to the end of a cycle of perception. Blindness is in the center of the dispositives of the next "machines of vision" and the production of a vision without a look isn't in itself more than the reproduction of an intense blindness, blindness that will become an ultimate form of industrialization: industrialization of the non look.
We musn't forget, nevertheless, that before the invention of this "synthetic vision" that pretends to free us from the act of seeing, the instantaneous fotography, the astronomical revolver, the cronophotographic fusil that permitted us to see the movement of objects that were deplaced at high speeds in space or the satellite itself, all this compound of new technologies of perception, tend to the essential, to turn the invisible visible in a simple view, the mask of all visibility.

As a cartographer of illusion, the illusion of seeing, Santiago Espeche takes us from San Luis to Chubut, from Córdoba to Río Negro and gives us the time to see, the time to see given by the inmobilisation of the artistic act.

Joaquín Molina