Satellite Art


In First Person


As a son of diplomats, I was born I n Rome on the 22nd of December 1973, where I
was lucky to be shown from early age, the wonders of universal art, pizza bianca and profiterole.
After Rome, I lived in Buenos Aires for a couple of years where I developed my passion for soccer and "asado", until the family was moved again to the United States, where we lived in New York for almost five years.
I learned English there, and discovered the world of rock and roll , at the age of seven, thanks to my brother Ivan and the first emission of MTV.
I also visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was a mansion of adventures where we played hide and go seek amongst Egyptian mummies and iron suits of the middle age.
After a short pass by Buenos Aires, we were moved to Algiers.
I there met the fabulous world of Camus and often had the honor of visiting the ruins of Tipaza, that he describes so well.
I travelled the Sahara desert, Melilla, Morroco, Switzerland, Spain, France, Austria and Italy.
I learned French, was introduced to Corto Maltés and Rimbaud and read Le Petit Prince for the first time being in the desert.(although I had already read it) .
My passion for food grew thanks to my friend Rabah, a true Kabil and excellent chef.
Some years later I went back to Argentina, to the same school I had left behind. I had to renew my spanish again and started reading poems of Quevedo and Borges.
Time flew and the decision to stay put and not accompany my parents around their universal journeys, allowed me to establish and continue developing my taste for painting and poetry as well as music.
In my BA search, more or less in order, I scored goals that I miss, cooked for myself and others, ate a lot of asado, planted a tangerine tree by mistake, learned about wine, worked in a radio, in theater as an assistant, played the drums, did therapy, was an assistant to production in some movies, went regularly to the Boca Stadium, practiced aikido, lived in Barrio Norte, Palermo, La Boca and San Telmo, worked in several local press agencies, five years in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, I moved all by myself (there were no trucks that day) , coordinated a group of studies for the University of Chicago and basically put myself in the hands of destiny, I was forging myself.
Time passed and I started working in the Argentine National Space Agency, CONAE, where I was trained in the advanced processing of satellite imagery. Amongst other tasks, I process these images for scientific means.
In that daily procedure I discovered the artistic potential of the images and parting from a determined concept I express myself in a neo-figurative language that I share with you.
Welcome to the garden we inhabit.

Santiago Espeche